Washing and covering floors with wax or polymer film.

We cover the parquet with a protective polymer film: the floor covering is renewed, gloss is created, the colour is enlivened, protection against mechanical scratches, shoe streaks, etc. is provided. Wax flooring is designed to create high quality waxed surfaces. Waxing gives the wooden surface vitality, shine, strengthens the natural structure of the wood. It is known to many that waxed parquet, linoleum and other hard coatings last much longer than non-waxed ones. Waxed floors are protected from dirt, scratches, are easier to clean and shine.

Car interior cleaning.

There are usually three ways of cleaning: vacuuming, full dry cleaning, deep and dry cleaning. Carpets, windows, seats, floor and doors are cleaned with high-quality vacuum water cleaning, which not only removes dirt, but also removes the bacteria.