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We provide services during non-working hours and weekends

Why is cleanliness important?

First of all, the cleanliness of the office or home is important for you. A tidy space has a lot of positive effects on your ability to work and emotional well-being – it is easier to relax, concentrate more comfortably and work in a disciplined way.

Second, clean and tidy rooms are nice to see others. The beautifully arranged house will leave a good impression on your guests, and the tidy workplace will be enjoyed by those around you. Working in a tidy office will make you feel comfortable and easier to concentrate on.

Third, you will be able to enjoy clean and fresh air in a clean environment. Dirt accumulates various illness-causing bacteria that spreads in the room. By tidying up the premises, the risk of pests and the possibility of various illness will be significantly reduced.

Why us?

We focus on providing flexible solutions to our customers. We can come to you at a time convenient for you, on weekends also holidays. We use certified and eco products that kill 99.9% of bacteria.
We select only reliable employees.
We provide quality cleaning services throughout Ireland.

Why is a house deep cleaning is necessary?

Removes 99% of bacteria from the narrowest housing particles which is especially harmful to people with skin diseases, making the air heavier. It is advisable to do a full house cleaning 1-2 times a year.

Deep cleaning is often done after:

1. Holidays, birthdays, weddings, and various other things.
2. Before moving into a new apartment.
3. If the house has not been inhabited for a long time.
4. If mould or other bacteria appear.